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ImagingBioPro Network


Discipline Hopping Exchanges (DHEs)

Discipline Hopping Exchange (DHE) Funding - Call is Open

The ImagingBioPro Network has funding for up to 30 exchanges to stimulate inter-disciplinary research on imaging of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal processes, with a core focus on using the UK’s Large Facilities (e.g. Diamond Light Source, ISIS Neutron Source, and the Central Laser Facilities). The DHE grants will cover travel and subsistence costs for a day to a few weeks, normally with a maximum of £750. This includes movement of academics, medics, industrialists, PDRA’s and PhD students between groups with different disciplines or to/from Large Facilities.


Funding is available to IBP members only. Membership is free and you can register here. The exchanges must be inter-disciplinary, and it is hoped that many of these exchanges will lead to new collaborations, some of which may be funded via ImagingBioPro Proof of Concept Award (available soon).

Key Features

  • Funding is available to a maximum of £750/DHE for travel and subsistence only.
  • At least 10 DHEs will be available each year, facilitating idea exchange and bid development.
  • The exchange visits will be an open call – submissions can be made at any time. The panel will normally meet 6 (six) times per year.

Application Process

  • This is an open call award – applications can be submitted at any time.
  • Please download DHEs_Funding_Application_Form
  • Completed applications should be emailed to and include in the subject – DHE Application
  • Panel will normally meet 6 times per year to decide on awards.

Evaluation Criteria

The applications will be judged on their fit to the following criteria:

  • Scientific excellence
  • Inter-disciplinary
  • Use of large facilities
  • Fit to TTL remit
  • Involvement of early career researchers
  • At least one academic partner
  • Clear future impacts


All publications arising from these exchanges should acknowledge the MRC/EPSRC/BBSRC ImagingBioPro grant (MR/R025673/1). (E.g. state "This work was funded in part by the MRC/EPSRC/BBSRC ImagingBioPro grant MR/R025673/1").