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   2021   |   2018   

January 2021

New IBP Network Webinar Series

16 Jan 21

We would like to announce our new IBP Network Webinar Series. The IBP Network Webinar Series is designed to bring together members of our community. The webinars are featuring talks from eminent scientists across the world, as well as beamline scientists and specialists at RCaH. The webinar series aims to ... [more]

Network Proof of Concept Award (PoCA) enabled Dr Alessandro Borghi and his team to study cranial bone microarchitecture for syndromic craniosynostosis

15 Jan 21

The aim of the study was to investigate microstructural changes in mouse cranial bone as a result of syndromic craniosynostosis (a congenital craniofacial malformation). Dr Sara Ajami from the team explains "This would enable us to have a better understanding of bone physical quality at different stages of skull ... [more]

Network Principal Investigator Dr Himadri Gupta and his collaborators were awarded over £900k by the EPSRC

15 Jan 21

Dr Himadri Gupta (UMUL), Professor Peter Lee (UCL), Dr Michael Sherratt (University of Manchester) and Dr Nick Terrill (Diamond Light Source) are leading the project to develop a path-breaking new X-ray bioengineering imaging modality (Tomo-SAXS) combining synchrotron phase-contrast tomography (micro) and X-ray scattering (nano) imaging in the same platform to ... [more]

Hierarchical Phase-Contrast Tomography (HiP-CT)

Network Principal Investigator Professor Peter Lee and his collaborators were awarded $1m by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

15 Jan 21

Professor Peter Lee (UCL) and Professor Rebecca Shipley (UCL) together with Dr Paul Tafforeau (ESRF) are leading the imaging research project, which will enable cellular-level imaging anywhere in whole organisms, including human organs. The imaging will provide new insights into our health and the nature of diseases. Results from feasibility ... [more]