Past Events

March 2023

  Fri 31 Mar 2023
  09:30 - 16:00
Image: IBP Symposium: 3D Surgical Planning for Personalised Joint Arthroplasty
This MRC funded symposium will bring together surgeons, engineers, implant manufacturers, software houses and regulatory bodies to better understand how to optimise joint arthroplasty with the focus on the latest advancements in medical imaging and image analysis for surgical planning and evaluation of outcome. The faculty will bring expertise across the following themes: 1. 3D Surgical planning of hip and knee replacement 2. CT Surgical planning-enabled technologies and implant design 3. Post...
  Wed 29 Mar 2023
  14:30 - 16:00
IBP Sponsored Imaging Symposium at TERMIS European Chapter Meeting 2023
In the "Advanced Medical Imaging for Tissue Engineering Applications" symposium, new opportunities for characterizing engineered tissues with state-of-the-art medical imaging technologies will be highlighted. The abundance of small animal...

September 2022

  Fri 30 Sep 2022
  09:00 - 17:00
SAXS Tensor Tomography Workshop
Diamond Light Source and I22 are hosting a SAXS Tensor Tomography workshop on Friday 30th September 2022 with the aim of discussing the latest advances and opportunities in this emerging technique. The workshop will bring people together to explore...
  Fri 9 Sep 2022
  09:00 - 13:00
IBP Symposium - 3D Printed Orthopaedic Implants
Workshop goals: To further the subject of 3D printed orthopaedic implants To work with industry to identify the gaps in research This MRC funded symposium will bring together surgeons, engineers, scientists, and regulators to...
  Fri 9 Sep 2022
  15:00 - 17:00
IBP Workshop at BioMedEng22 - Leveraging Next-Gen Multiscale Imaging at Central Facilities for Biomedical Engineering Research
Workshop goals: Introduce next-generation central-facilities based imaging techniques like phase-contrast tomography, 3D X-ray scattering with applications for bioengineering. Demonstrate their relevance for the UK and international...

March 2022

  Wed 23 Mar 2022
  15:00 - 16:00
IBP Network Webinar: Professor Mark Coles and Dr Claire Walsh
In this special session of the IBP Network Webinar Series, we have invited Professor Mark Coles and Dr Claire Walsh. Each speaker will give a 20 minutes talk, followed by 10 minutes Q&A. Talk 1: Dr Claire Walsh - Imaging COVID-19 with...

December 2021

  Wed 8 Dec 2021
  10:00 - 11:00
Image: IBP Network Webinar: Dr Kathryn Stok - MicroCT imaging techniques and mechanobiology of cartilage and joint
Abstract: Measurement of mechanobiological control directly affects our capacity to innovate functional solutions in biomedical engineering and the biosciences. Musculoskeletal joints are constantly re-modelling under day-to-day loads, and suffer from natural ageing and degeneration, injury, or breakdown, therefore an approach for elucidating global responses to specific stimulation is warranted. In this work, Dr Kathryn Stok will present new multiscale approaches for exploring cartilage and...

October 2021

  Wed 27 Oct 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
IBP Network Webinar: Project Highlights - Dr Catherine Disney and Dr Jingyi Mo
In this special session of the IBP Network Webinar Series, we have invited two Early Career Researchers (ECR) to share their exciting research outcome funded by IBP proof-of-concept award (PoCA). Each speaker will give a 20 minutes talk, followed by...

September 2021

  Tue 28
 - Wed 29 Sep 2021
Image: Technology Touching Life Networks e-Event: Showcasing achievements of UKRI funded technology networks & future directions
Day 1: 13:00-16:00 BST, 28 September 2021 Day 2: 13:00-16:00 BST, 29 September 2021 The five UKRI funded TTL networks – 3DBioNet, Imaging BioPro, Integrated Biological Imaging, Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies & PhenomUK - are jointly organising this two day event to show achievements made over the past three years and discuss future directions for the networks. By facilitating partnerships between engineers, physical sciences researchers and health and life scientists - the...
  Wed 15 Sep 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
Image: FIB-SEMIBP Network Webinar: Dr Lucy Collinson - Imaging biomedical samples across scales using light, X-rays and electrons
Abstract: Imaging technology for the biosciences has taken huge leaps forward in recent times. Nobel prizes have been awarded for breaking the resolution barrier in light microscopy and cryo electron microscopy, revealing the cellular dynamics and atomic structure of molecules. In parallel, X-ray and chemical imaging are migrating from the physical to the life sciences, revealing the internal structure of tissues and metabolic pathways in exquisite detail. And in volume electron microscopy, a...

August 2021

  Wed 4 Aug 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
Image: Dr Allen OrvilleIBP Network Webinar: Dr Allen Orville - Dynamic structure biology at synchrotrons and XFELs
This event has been postponed to 15:00-16:00 on 4th August 2021 (BST). Abstract: Over the past 10 years, humans have built and opened five X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) facilities; one each in the USA, Japan, Germany, South Korea, and Switzerland. These linear electron accelerators generate X-rays in such intense and short bursts that they are a new, paradigm-shifting tool impacting nearly all scientific disciplines. My group and collaborators design novel strategies that link together...

July 2021

  Thu 1 Jul 2021
  15:30 - 16:30
3D Printing and Custom Made Hip Implants - IBP aligned symposium at the Virtual EFORT Congress
IBP network investigator Prof. Hart, Alister is hosting a "3D Printing And Custom Made Hip Implants" symposium at the Virtual EFORT Congress on 1st July 2021. This symposium includes the following talks: Prof Alister Hart - 3D...

June 2021

  Wed 16 Jun 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
IBP Network Webinar: Prof Stuart Stock - Non-invasive, 3D x-ray diffraction mapping of mineralized tissue at scales from tens of centimeters to hundreds of nanometers
Abstract: Mineralized tissue achieves remarkable properties using a hierarchy of structures spanning centimeter to nanometer scales. Functional requirements and evolution produced various tissue types with very different hierarchies, and, although...

May 2021

  Wed 5 May 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
Image: IBP Network Webinar: Dr Gianluca Tozzi - Digital volume correlation (DVC) in musculoskeletal research: state of the art and challenges
Abstract: Digital volume correlation (DVC) has the unique ability to provide experimental full-field measurement within materials undergoing motion or deformation. In recent years, the technique has been increasingly employed in biomechanics for the evaluation of both hard and soft tissues, biomaterials and tissue-biomaterial systems. This webinar is intended to present the latest advancements in the use of DVC for musculoskeletal research and its potential for improved experimental tissue...

April 2021

  Wed 14 Apr 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
Image: Dr Enrico Dall’AraIBP Network Webinar: Dr Enrico Dall’Ara - Finite element models for bone applications at different dimensional scales: validation with digital volume correlation
Abstract: Finite Element (FE) models are powerful tools to predict the bone properties of different biological tissues. In the past decades they have been used to evaluate the effect of musculoskeletal diseases and related interventions on the structural mechanical properties of different bones. Nevertheless, before their clinical application, we have to provide the adequate credibility to the models through a meticulous process of verification, validation and uncertainties quantification. The...

February 2021

  Wed 3 Feb 2021
  15:00 - 16:00
Image: Inaugural IBP Network Webinar Series: Musculoskeletal tissue nanomechanics using in situ SAXS/WAXD
Abstract: Musculoskeletal organs undergo a hierarchy of deformation processes during physiological and injurious loading (from molecular to macroscale). This webinar will describe, using examples from bone and cartilage in health and disease, how to use high brilliance microfocus synchrotron X-ray scattering to measure the nanometre-scale mechanisms in these tissues dynamically and in situ. About the speaker: Dr. Himadri S. Gupta is Reader in Bioengineering and Biophysics in the Institute...